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Check list for your appointment at the sleep laboratory

Please bring the following documents:

  • Prior diagnostic findings, e.g. ambulant sleep check-up
  • Pulmonary function diagnostic findings
  • List of medicaments
  • Letter of referral, please no letter of confinement! Please mind the date
  • Insurance card

You should not have a nap on the day of the measure at the sleep laboratory. “Keep” your tiredness for the night. The examination at the sleep laboratory is connected to some troubles, e.g. your journey, an unaccustomed bed, a different sleep environment and finally the many cables you have to sleep with.

We kindly ask you the follow the following advices to assure a comfortable and easy overnight at our sleep laboratory and secure the informative value of the examination:

  • Take your medicaments as ordered.
  • If you take sleeping medicaments, you may also take them at the night of the examination.
  • If you sleep with a cervical cushion or a bolster, please bring them along. You may also bring the cushion you are accustomed to.
  • Are you used to drink a glass of wine or beer? Then please do so at the day of your examination if it is not explicitly prohibited.
  • Please bring your pyjamas, a towel and your personal sanitary products.
  • Do not use face cream or a body lotion prior to the examination.
  • Even a short beard complicates the adhesion of the electrodes.
  • Please take off your nail polish because it can lead to a falsification of the result.
  • Please do not use hair gel or spray.

Download checklist for printing: here.

Process of examination at the sleep laboratory

  • 8:00 p.m./9:00p.m.: arrival, check-in, you are assigned a room and the cabling takes place.
  • Afterwards we conduct a bio signal test to check if everything is connected properly.
  • The lights will be turned off latest 11:00 p.m.. Until then you may read a book or magazine or watch TV.
  • If you notice a loose cable during the night, please inform our staff.
  • If you need to use the bathroom, please ring for our staff – they will come and decouple you from the control device.
  • You will be wakened at 5:30 a.m., the examination will be stopped and you will be decoupled.
  • You will be called by the physician during the day to receive further information.
  • If necessary and if your results are striking, an adjustment of the mask for the coming night will be made.
  • The second night of measurement including the therapy will take place as the night before.

Download the Procedure for printing: here.

A night at the sleep laboratory

What do I have to consider? What do I have to bring along?

You need the same luggage as you would need staying at a hotel. You will be welcomed by my friendly medical staff who will show you your room, explain the process and the equipment in detail.

In case you take medicaments, you need to inform us in advance without fail. If you have special needs which have to be considered for medical or other reasons, please inform us as well.

After the general introduction you may put on you pyjamas and get ready for bed as you usually do. If there are waiting periods until our staff will fix the electrodes, you can read, watch TV or simply relax during the waiting time.
If you have an appointment the next day, you will be wakened in time.

What exactly happens at the sleep laboratory?

Every clinical picture disturbing your sleep can be diagnosed in our sleep laboratory. The examination does not put a strain on your body and does not limit your mobility. You can leave the bed at any time.
To analyze your sleep brain activities body functions have to be registered and measured. For this, electrodes and cables long enough are connected to an amplifier forwarding the signals to the computer. These measures allow us to identify the respective state of your individual sleep. A microphone records all your breath sounds during the night. A clip on your finger analyzes with the help of infrared rays how much oxygen is transported by your blood during the night. Your sleep is being monitored around the clock in a separate room. In case of a loose sensor, the problem will be taken care of immediately.

Simply said our sleep laboratory is a place to feel comfortable where the stages of your sleep and certain bodily functions like breath, rhythm of the heart, position and movement of the body are recorded during your sleep by complicated techniques of measurement.

We wish you a comfortable stay and a successful examination at our sleep laboratory in Wiesbaden!

Dr. med.
Osama Abu Hassan

Download the Information sheet for printing: hier.